How To Monitor Your Bird Pet And Remove The Mites Completely

December 12, 2019
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Keeping a pet in the house is amazing but this concept is not constraint to getting a pet in the house, in fact the actual story starts from there. Bringing a pet at home is like bringing up a child, care, affection, love and extra ordinary efforts to keep the pet clean is a must. Usually people keep birds as a pet in their house, supposing they are pretty easier to maintain in terms of cleaning and feeding compare to a dog or a cat. Unfortunately this myth is just a myth and doesn’t have any significance, because a bird requires extra ordinary care when it comes to hygiene. For all those out there who have a bird as a pet? Must have seen a tiny little creature (insect) crippling over their body, biting and teasing, they are absolutely surprised to see it as it should be on the dog or a cat right! WRONG fellows! it is found mostly on the birds because of their heavy feather and curvy body structure again covered with lot of feathers. The creature we are discussing here is known as a ‘bird mite removal‘ who is harmful not only for the health of a bird pet, but also for the people living in the house. So lets’ discuss some facts related to mites which may help enormously especially to bird lovers.

Indications: whenever you see a tiniest red dot on the wall or a ceiling or any part of the body, make sure examine it thoroughly with a microscope (if available) or else try to give it a closer look and you may find it crawling and creeping on the surface boldly. That red dot crawling all over is a mite which has somehow managed its way out of a bird’s feather. The symptoms of a mite bite includes, red rash kind of a feeling, itching (extreme which can be misconceived as a rash or scabies). Go here for more information about bird exclusion.

Remedies: it is highly recommended to apply anti-itch or anti-bacterial cream instantly on the body part to avoid any detrimental effect. Moreover, see the vet with the bird pet and get it vaccine immediately to control and totally eradicate the mites permanently. DEET is yet another amazing tool to mitigate the bird mites completely (DEET is diethyl meta-toluamide).

Pest controllers: this is something severe and involves some serious cost; one has to call the professionals in order to completely exterminate this creature out of the house. It is considered as an option in extreme cases where this bird mite factor becomes totally uncontrollable. It is recommended for the bird lovers to keep a sharp eye on everything and monitor the bird mite vigilantly.